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Created 17-Oct-09
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Went on a trip out with a mate from work who keeps and flies Red Tailed and Harris Hawks. He took out one of his Harris Hawks today and was assisted by his fantastic lady dog (sorry no swearing) Freda.

The light was not too good and I had difficulty with the settings of the camera constantly having to be changed due to the location of the bird.
A great trip out and a chance for me to see these animals doing what they love to do, and do well.
FredaFreda on pointNeil and FredaNeils HawkNeils Hawk 2Neils Hawk 3Neils Hawk 4Neils Hawk 5Neils Hawk 7Neils Hawk 8Neils Hawk 9Neils Hawk 11Neils Hawk 12Neils Hawk 13Neils Hawk 14