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About Larkin With Toads
Larkin with Toads is a large scale, mass participation public art event that is populating the City of Kingston Upon Hull with enormous decorated toads for 10 weeks during summer 2010.

Taking Philip Larkin’s poems Toads and Toads Revisited as a starting point, giant decorated toad sculptures have now popped up all over the city and surrounding areas.

Each of the sculptures, spawned from a master design by Chris Wilkinson of Wild in Art, stands about 1m tall. With the assistance of sponsorship by local businesses, and practical support from Artlink, these magnificent creatures have been decorated by artists, designers, and community groups.

Larkin was a renowned animal lover, and a hard worker - his poems Toads and Toads Revisited take a darkly comic look at the pressures and pleasures of working life. In the first poem, Larkin compares work to a Toad squatting on his life, returning to the theme in Toads Revisited to reflect on his more positive feelings towards work in later life.

Larkin with Toads brings Larkin’s vision of the Toad to life - the Toads will brighten up working days and holidays for Hull visitors and residents alike - and we hope they will inspire people to look at the poetry too!

Larkin with Toads was officially launched on 17 July 2010, linking with the events surrounding the return of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race that took place in the city at the same time. The programme reflects the uniqueness of Hull and its people.

Larkin with Toads is already making a major cultural splash, provoking local, national and international interest.
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