Zenfolio | Vince Cowell Photography | March 2010
Created 1-Mar-10
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Greylag Goose 1Greylag Goose 2Tufted DuckHen Harrier 1Short Eared Owl 1Short Eared Owl 2Short Eared Owl 3Hen Harrier 2Short Eared Owl 4Corn BuntingsShoveler 2Smew/ Goldeneye trioMagpie in flight 1Magpie in flight 2CurlewBar Tailed Godwit (7)Bar Tailed Godwit (8)OystercatcherShelduckBar Tailed Godwit

Guestbook for March 2010
Some nice updates Vince, glad you saw the owl and Harrier at Worlaby
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